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Interest in sub-irrigating your farm? We can sell you the software, the tiling equipment, and get you off to a good start! Attention Contractors! Do you want to add sub-irrigation to your offering in your business? Give us a call!


Tired of looking for all the speciality tools and items to tile? Look no further. AgriDrain offers what you need!


Hurricane Ditchers are a great investment towards your farm's surface drainage needs.  Practical applications include terrace maintenance, road ditch cleaning, waterway shaping, and surface drainage throughout your field.


Crary manufactures innovative, reliable agriculture equipment that maximizes customer efficiency and profitability.  Click below to find out more.


Whether you’re prepping site for a new home, or maintaining a long gravel road for years after construction, a box scraper from IronWolf lets you do the job easier and faster.

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SD Drain is a suite of machine control products that will allow you to implement surface and subsurface drainage solutions on your farm.


(OFDP) has been providing high-quality products since 1983. O'Connell strives to provide you with high quality farm drainage equipment, which will allow you to install your drainage tile economically and in an efficient manner at your convenience.


Investment Analysis

The major reason for installing subsurface drainage is to improve the productivity of the farmland. Higher yields translate into more returns. This is especially true in recent years due to higher grain prices. So the investment decision is based on whether the higher crop returns will justify the investment in subsurface drainage. A secondary benefit is that fields will dry out quicker, allowing planting and harvesting to be completed earlier in the spring and fall.It also provides a larger window of time for a farmer to plant and harvest the crop allowing it to be done in a more efficient manner in terms of time and money. This is especially advantageous for farmers who have large acreages to cover.


Specific advantages of tile drainage are:

1. More consistent yields

• Allows for more efficient use of resources

• Reduces financial risk

2. Earlier and more timely planting

3. Improved harvesting conditions

4. Less wear and tear on equipment

5. Less power required for field operations

6. Better plant stand

7. Less plant stress

8. Fewer plant diseases

9. Less soil compaction Another major advantage of tile drainage is the increase in sale value of the land. If the land will be sold in the future, the advantages listed above will be capitalized into the value of the land.

Subsurface drainage is a long-term investment. The investment is made up-front but the benefits are spread over many future years. So the investment decision should be made with the time-lag in mind. The most difficult part of computing a tile investment analysis is estimating the yield response from the improved drainage. The size of the expected yield improvement dramatically impacts the economic feasibility of installing tile drainage, as shown in the example below.


Example: A 10 bushel per acre yield response from corn and a 4 bushel per acre yield response from soybeans will provide an average annual return of $35 for corn at a price of $3.50 price ($3.50 x 10 bu. = $35) and $36 for soybeans at a price of $9 ($9 x 4 bu. = $36). If the yield responses are 20 bushels for corn and 8 bushels for soybeans, the returns are double.


There are additional annual costs associated with these higher yield levels. For example, more fertilizer may be required to support these higher yields. Also, more hauling, drying and storage is required. In addition, there may be costs associated with the maintenance of the drainage system. So these additional costs need to be deducted from the returns listed above to compute a “net” return per year from installing drainage.


Estimating future returns

In the analysis above we assumed that the annual income stream will stay constant throughout the entire life of the tile. However, this may not be the case. Corn and soybean yields have increased over recent decades as shown in Figure 3. Corn yields have increased by 2.4 percent and soybean yields by 1.8 percent per year since 1980. Most experts expect this trend to continue, if not increase. The impact of trend yield increases over the life of the tile drainage can be substantial. The yield response to tile drainage can be estimated by comparing the area to be drained to portions of the field with similar soil types that are already adequately drained or don’t need drainage.


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Some contractors place tiles in areas without clear purpose, while I consider the agronomy aspects, soil type and engineer the layout for maximum functionality and profitability. Because our focus is helping your farm, we are very excited about adding to our line-up of solutions, the value of sub-irrigation so that your tile can now drain AND irrigate, doing more than it did before. Please call or email today to schedule a needs assessment for your farm.

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