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Subsurface Drainage

Tiling is a process that has been around for centuries. The process of tiling can provide major benefits for farmers and their crops. Below is a list of major benefits of tiling:

  • More consistent yields, which will allow for efficient use of resources

  • Reduced financial risk

  • Earlier and more timely planting

  • Improved harvesting conditions

  • Less wear and tear on equipment

  • Less power required for field operators

  • Better plant stand

  • Less plant stress

  • Fewer plant diseases

  • Less soil compaction

Trimble® Ag Drainage Solutions - WM-Drain® and WM-Subsurface
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If tiling is something that you are interested in, there is a very simple process to start:

  1. Give us a call to schedule a free drainage assessment for your farm.

  2. With your permission, we will survey the ground.

  3. We will design a drainage system that gets the most results and is within your budget.

  4. You will receive a quote for our contracting service. If you are a farmer planning to tile yourself you will also receive a quote for the equipment.

  5. We will deliver the equipment to start the project, or our expert crew will come to serve you.

  6. We will provide you with a map of your tile for your records when the installation is completed.