What's a V-Plow?

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The VPlow is an innovative tile plow shank meant to advance and improve conventional drainage tiling. While fairly new to the United States, the VPlow is not a new idea. Originating in Europe for the last 35 years, the VPlow has recently made it's way to the United States because of its unique qualities. Designed in a V shaped manner, the VPlow cuts through the dirt rather than the tearing motion by traditional tile plow shanks. This motion helps to reduce the trench size and cause less disturbance in the ground. Below are a few benefits that the VPlow provides over the traditional tile plow shanks.


  1. Keeps high fertility top soil and trash on top

  2. Quicker response with 2 pathways for water to start percolation

  3. Less smearing of sidewalls that cut off water paths to drain

  4. No ridge to clean up after pipe is installed

  5. Improved drivability of field after install

  6. Less risk of damage to tile with no trench for tires to fall into